Enrolled Agent vs CPA

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What are the differences between Enrolled Agents and  CPAs?

Enrolled Agent (EA):

  • An Enrolled Agent is a person who is enrolled to practice before the IRS, representing clients in tax matters. They are subject matter experts in tax, having passed all three sections of the IRS’s Special Enrollment Examination within a two-year period. The Enrolled Agent credential is the highest status awarded by the IRS. Enrolled agents must complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years to maintain their credential. They are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, allowing them to practice in any state of the United States.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA):

  • Certified Public Accountants are trained in a broad range of accounting topics, including tax. Their subject matter expertise in tax can vary. Due to the general nature of their education, some CPAs may focus on other areas such as audit and assurance, manufacturing, or other fields. CPAs are licensed in their state, which can restrict their ability to work with clients based on the state they are in and the CPA mobility laws of that state.

Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and tax attorneys have unlimited practice rights and are not restricted in the types of tax matters they can handle, the taxpayers they can represent, or the IRS offices where they can represent clients.

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